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Go where you grow

Money or other benefits no longer work?

Time to change the motivation through inner values. Start to grow inside for a while. I work with the mental setup of your employees, teams, and managers.

I enrich my coaching practice by art therapy and counseling circles.

Pricing will increase by 10% since January 2021. Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, I offer my services only online.


Choose from my tailored programs:


Benefit + Help

Program focused on personal development and support of your team members

The program is for those who

  • are interested to develop their potential and talents for mutual benefit
  • are experiencing problems in their private life and need to find out how to start working with ease again (divorce, death in a family…)
  • online or phone

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Managers are not born overnight. Pick program for business owners, executives, and managers.

Main topics

  • your personal development
  • your growth thinking and happiness 
  • self-management and energy management
  • limiting beliefs and training of imagination
  • online or phone

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Team Coaching

Support and kick your team to the better when you need a fast change 

For teams up to 6 members

  • care for mental settings and care for team potential
  • self-confidence support for all players
  • the courage to step from comfort to the learning zone
  • the first team coaching in person, the following also online

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Team Circle

When you need to communicate better and grow inside

For teams up to 12 members

  • growth that is not visible at first glance
  • team culture based on the joy of cooperation
  • the team circle promotes trust and meets individual needs through sharing
  • Only in person at the company or in the EMA studio in Poděbrady

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