What They Say

“Katka created a really intimate atmosphere which allowed me to share my emotions without fear.”

I met Katka when I finished my parental leave and returned to work. But in my mind and soul I was confused, so I decided to attend Katka`s coaching group. Katka created a really intimate atmosphere which allowed me to share my emotions without fear. Also her coaching technique helped me to clarify answers to questions that were otherwise ambiguous.

It has been extremely beneficial for me to share my doubts. Before, when I expressed my hesitancy to return to the corporate world my family didn’t take me seriously. Katka did, and helped me to explore my fears and to pursue other professional avenues.

I am still in the process of learning to understand myself. I am much more clear about who I really am. I can now prioritize my daily activities. Katka’s coaching let me look at myself in a different way. The perseverance she has in her! Her passion for helping people and to share her experience and inspiration is genuine.

Petra Šlechtická, Yogapoint

“I went to Katka for six-months of coaching sessions, and already after the first session I could see an immediate impact on my daily routine at work. “

I started to communicate better with my employees,  clients. I am more aware of the situation here and now. I try to avoid thinking about several things at once. Also, my relationship with my wife has improved, and that was not even in the plan. I am definitely working and living better. I can, with all confidence, recommend Katka to those who need a realistic view of their work (and personal) problems.

Petr Kolář, business owner

“Before meeting Katka, I felt like seeing my life from inside an express train, from a coupe with dirty glass.”

All the nice things have happened outside. I was terribly tired.

After meeting Katka, I learned to see the world more colorful, slower. Katka taught me to think about life differently. That nothing is wrong, that IT just IS. I used to have such a weird feeling that I needed something and I didn’t know exactly what. Now I know that I needed to know more about myself, I needed to understand myself.

Thanks to Katka, I understood a lot about what was happening to me and why.

I would like to thank her for every meeting that was challenging at times, but always inspiring and enriching. Meetings were concerned with my family, my work, but above all – and most importantly – myself. I already know that this is not a finished process, that I want to continue, that I would like to meet Katka again someday. And what I liked most was “painting.”

Věra, a high school teacher

“With Katka, you always feel like she’s in it for you.”

I really appreciate how Katka follows her dreams. That’s her big advantage. What’s more, she also puts everything into helping you to fulfill your dream too. I appreciate her honesty and her willingness to tell you the truth even if you don’t always want to hear it. Some people, it seems, have forgotten that one’s work is not just about “taking money from someone.” 

Ing. Magdalena Válková, Learning & Development Manager, ABB

The greatest benefits when you decide to work with me:



Lie in the background of every good and bad experience we have when meeting others. Learn a practical way to take responsibility for your communication style to reduce conflict at home or work. I respect professional coaching rules and confidentiality to protect the client’s privacy.



Trust underlies everything we do. I can help you find more confidence in your interactions with others and bring power to your approach. Together we create an environment where people are not just a means, but real people with unique skills.



Security is everyone’s essential need and comes from strong, healthy relationships. How we relate to ourselves and others determines our meaning of life and values. Together we can find security in both your professional and personal life.



Art makes me see the beauty in life and lightens my spirits. It has also the power to connect us with ourselves. Art – especially painting or drawing – can connect us with hidden parts of our souls and start the healing process.