If I help to change one’s universe, the change will affect all of us. I am a big fan of our common home – THE PLANET EARTH.

While CHANGING MINDSETS of my clients, I know that we always have to KEEP the BALANCE. Exactly as nature does.

My MISSION and contribution is to PROTECT both – DIVERSE nature and WILDNESS on our planet and inside us. 

Kateřina Hefny

systemic coach, andragogist, founder and business owner

Individual Coaching

I provide individual coaching for individuals and companies.

Get better results with less energy spent and create an environment where living and working is a pleasure.


Company Programs

I created simple programs for companies according to their needs and goals, focusing on the career and personal development of employees, teams, and managers.

Do values as humanity, truthfulness, and belonging have any chance today?

 Have you been thinking for a long time that you would like to work regularly with yourself or with your team? Are you afraid and suspect that the change will probably hurt a little?

On the other hand, have you understood, that no one will ever give you back any of your wasted hours?

Then you have a chance that the reward will be sweet. I myself have experienced how bitter the displeasure tastes. The road to joy was challenging for me too.

Change only comes when you lift your butt behind a chair

Therefore, I offer only experiential and self-experiential workshops that have a transformational character. The greatest impact on the results has an individual work with each unique story.

What Clients Say

“Before meeting Katka, I felt like seeing my life from inside an express train, from a coupe with dirty glass.”

Thanks to Katka, I understood a lot about what was happening to me and why.

I would like to thank her for every meeting that was challenging at times, but always inspiring and enriching. Meetings were concerned with my family, my work, but above all – and most importantly – myself. I already know that this is not a finished process, that I want to continue, that I would like to meet Katka again someday. And what I liked most was “painting.”

“Katka created a really intimate atmosphere which allowed me to share my emotions without fear.”

I am still in the process of learning to understand myself. I am much more clear about who I really am. I can now prioritize my daily activities. Katka’s coaching let me look at myself in a different way. The perseverance she has in her! Her passion for helping people and to share her experience and inspiration is genuine.

“I went to Katka for six-months of coaching sessions, and already after the first session I could see an immediate impact on my daily routine at work.”

I started to communicate better with my employees,  clients. I am more aware of the situation here and now. I try to avoid thinking about several things at once. Also, my relationship with my wife has improved, and that was not even in the plan. I am definitely working and living better. I can, with all confidence, recommend Katka to those who need a realistic view of their work (and personal) problems.