Feminine energy… 😍 How can we implement it into our personal life?

It may be easy to define what is feminine energy. There’s plenty of resources where women can find inspiration. Whether it’s online, in books, or with gurus of all kinds.

But the IMPLEMENTATION in a woman’s life can be the tricky part.

Usually, before a woman starts to understand her feminine power in her relationship, she oscillates between the “Cinderella” mode and the “Proud Princess” mode.

It swings her from one extreme to another. Together, with her natural mood swings related to her menstrual cycle, the emotions can be overwhelming. And as a result of this effort, her relationship (and business) gets even worse.

Every change in our habits or behavioral adjustments requires plenty of our mental and physical energy.

The information itself is not enough. Knowing doesn’t mean implementation. We need to be strong in discipline, we need to have a proper mental setup and deep inner motivation. These things already cause a huge energetical withdrawal.

And then, when one tiny thing doesn’t work her way, and she starts to doubt everything and panic.

The “QUEEN” mode is the place of deep self-love and unconditional acceptance of others.

The queen mode is what brings inner calmness. It is a place where a woman finally understands her value and knows deeply that she deserves everything she needs and wishes for. Where she allows others, esp. men to provide her with it.

I am here for you, my woman, to hold you when you’re on a swing that doesn’t seem like stopping. I am here to help you get back on your royal track, in case you stumble or fall.